What indications is Duocal appropriate for?

  • Failure to Thrive/Growth Failure
  • Conditions where a high energy, low fluid, low electrolytes diet is indicated
  • Protein restricted diets
  • Disorders of protein and amino acid metabolism
  • Malabsorptive states
  • Modular diets
  • Catabolic States e.g. burns, trauma, post-operative stress
  • Suitable for oral and tube feedings
  • * In the US, Duocal is classified as a medical food

What is the energy Distribution of Duocal?

Energy Distribution  
Carbohydrate 59%
Fat 41%

Is Duocal milk-protein free?

Duocal is milk-protein free unlike other leading nutritional supplements. Duocal is appropriate for patients with milk-protein allergy.

How many calories does Duocal provide?
(all measurements are unpacked)
Measure Weight Calories
1 Scoop 5 g 25
1 Tbsp 8.5 g 42
1/4 cup 30 g 148
1/2 cup 56 g 276
1 cup 117 g 576
Household measurements are approximations only. For accuracy use a gram scale.

What foods and beverages can Duocal be added to?

Duocal can be added into moist foods and beverages by sprinkling on the required amount and then stirring in. For example mix Duocal into a glass of milk, a fruit smoothie, sauces, pudding, cooked fruit and vegetables or any moist food or beverage. For recipe ideas click here.

How can Duocal be purchased?

For the lowest prices Duocal can be purchased online through www.myduocal.com or by calling Nutricia direct on 365-7354 (USA) or 877-636-2283 (Canada). Customers can also purchase Duocal through retail pharmacies (prices may vary).

Pharmacies/Hospitals and wholesalers can order Duocal by calling our Customer Services Department at (800) 365-7354 (USA) or (800) 636-2283 (Canada).

How can I request samples of Duocal?

Click here to fill out a Duocal literature and sample request form.

Can Duocal can be added to increase the caloric density of liquids? 

Yes, here are a few examples:

  • 4 fl. oz. of Pediasure (30 kcal / fl. oz.) + 1 scoop (5gram) of Duocal
    = 33 kcal / fl. oz.
  • 4 fl. oz. of Whole Milk (18.3 kcal / fl. oz.) + 1 scoop (5gram)  of Duocal
    = 21.4 kcal / fl. oz.
  • 4 fl. oz. of Neocate Junior + 1 scoop (5gram)  of Duocal
    = 33 kcal / fl. Oz




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