Good nutrition is essential especially when your child is recovering from illness or injury. Duocal helps your child to grow while still enjoying his/her favorite foods. Created especially for growing kids, here are a few delicious recipe ideas to get you started. The recipes are great for lunchboxes, mealtimes and snacks. There is no need for your child to fill up on liquid nutritional supplements, just add Duocal into their favorite foods.

Duocal can be mixed into a variety of foods:

Tips for preparing recipes with Duocal

  • Duocal can be added to most moist foods and beverages by sprinkling on the required amount and then stirring in.
  • Duocal can be brought to a boil when mixed into a liquid. Avoid excess boiling as this may affect the consistency.
  • Duocal is not suitable for carbonated drinks or fruit juices.
  • The quantities in Duocal recipes should be used as a guide. It is important to follow your healthcare providers daily prescription.


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